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March 2023: We have received an ERC Advanced Grant to decipher mechanisms that establish nucleosome architecture! See also the SciLifeLab news item here.
September 2022: Congratulations to Anton, Mao, Javier, Misha, Anatolii, and Oanh on their paper in Nature Chemical Biology, which is also featured on the cover of the October issue! Check out the accompanying News & Views article here.
January 2022: Congratulations to Emil, Guanzhong, Jinwen, and Spartak on their paper in Science!
December 2021: Congratulations to Laura for being awarded the coveted "Bjurzons premium" award for her PhD thesis
December 2020: Sebastian has been promoted to Professor of Molecular Biophysics!
June 2020: Congratulations to Brad, Guanzhong, Emil, and Elias on their paper in Nature!
Press releases by SciLifeLab and Uppsala University
April 2019: Congratulations to Anton and Rob as their recent paper in Nature Communications has been chosen to be featured as an Editors' Highlight and on the journal homepage!
April 2019: Congratulations to Anton and Rob on their paper in Nature Communications!
SciLifeLab press release
November 2018: Sebastian Deindl was selected as EMBO Young Investigator!
December 2017: Sebastian has been appointed Associate Professor!
November 2017: Congratulations to Laura and Graeme for their paper in Molecular Cell
June 2017: Congratulations to Alan Shaw for winning a Swedish Research Council International Postdoc Grant to conduct research in the labs of Susan Marqusee, Carlos Bustamante, and our group.
September 2016: Sebastian Deindl has been awarded an ERC starting grant!
December 2014: Sebastian Deindl has been selected as one of 29 Wallenberg Academy Fellows
Open positions
If you are interested in joining our laboratory as a postdoctoral researcher or PhD student, please send your CV to Professor Sebastian Deindl, sebastian.deindl[at]

We are always happy to explore the possibility of co-applying for fellowships with outstanding and highly motivated candidates. Possible funding sources are listed below.

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